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Vlad Bondarenko for Hipther Talks
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The quickest way to summarize the jam-packed and data-rich interview our Product Manager Vlad Bondarenko gave to Hipther Talks would be to say Referon is a new affiliate management platform that is set to revolutionize the industry and bring simplicity and efficiency to affiliates and affiliate managers throughout the online gaming sector.  

But that would not be fair to Vlad as he went through, in much detail, what makes Referon different from other platforms, why it was created and why being lazy can lead to more efficient planning! 

We recommend watching and listening to the full interview at the link below as Vlad explains in true ‘techy-product manager speak’ how Referon is changing the affiliate management game. 

As Vlad himself told Zoltan Tundik, CEO of Hipther Talks: “Bill Gates once said that he likes working with lazy people because they find easy ways to solve the problems. So I'm all about optimization, and automatization (and) keeping (things) clean, everything's organized and clear.” 

But jokes aside, Vlad explains that part of the motivation behind the launch of Referon was that he “was getting tired of the same old routine. But the most important thing, and that's where Referon core values come into play, is functional consistency”.  

In terms of tech and uptime, Vlad noted that Referon switching to AWS for its cloud services meant “scalable infrastructure”, performance optimization, quicker “load times and access to the platform” and “faster response times”. 

“This also means Referon can handle traffic spikes without affecting performance and ensuring a consistent user experience. I would say that is a very strong USP,” he added.

We really recommend watching or listening to the interview, it’s full of technical detail and Vlad’s enthusiasm for Referon is clear for all to see. 

October 19, 2023

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