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What motivated or inspired you to develop ReferOn?

ReferOn was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges faced by affiliate managers and the need for a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly solution.

Our team, with a combined affiliate experience of 15 years, harnessed both affiliate management expertise and technical prowess to create a product that truly caters to the needs of businesses in the affiliate marketing space.

We were inspired by the potential to revolutionize the industry, introducing innovative features such as the “Company Grouping View”, “Advanced Campaign Management”, and a highly flexible dynamic reporting system.

I would humorously describe myself as a “lazy person” who dislikes engaging in extra and repetitive clicks to retrieve essential information. The goal was to create a platform that simplifies the management of affiliate programs, reduces manual tasks, and provides powerful tools to optimize campaigns.

In what ways does ReferOn stand out or differ from other existing affiliate management systems available in the market?

ReferOn differentiates itself from other affiliate management systems in several key ways. Firstly, it offers dynamic reporting, allowing easy manipulation of reports to meet specific needs. Users can toggle groups and break down data by date, providing flexibility and comprehensive insights. Additionally, ReferOn provides API reports, enabling users to create custom report templates for API calls and empowering them to extract data in CSV format.

ReferOn also introduces dynamic variables available out of the box, allowing users to pass any additional metrics in the ad server. These metrics, unique values created on the affiliate side, can be used for further monitoring and personalization. This feature enhances data sharing and enables more targeted and effective campaigns.

Simplifying reward processes is another standout feature of ReferOn. The platform allows easy management and customization of users’ rewards at each level, from affiliates to players. Automatic segmentation based on user activity streamlines the rewarding process, eliminating the need for endless rewards lists and providing a user-friendly experience.

ReferOn also addresses the challenge of managing multiple affiliate logins across competitive software. The introduction of company grouping enables users to group statistics for these accounts at a ‘master’ level. This simplifies data management, making payments and overall data analysis more efficient.

Lastly, ReferOn incorporates an integrated ad-serving platform. This platform offers advanced targeting options, including geolocation, user agent, device type, browser, operating system, and language. Real-time reporting on ad impressions, clicks, and conversions empowers affiliates with actionable data to make informed decisions, optimize campaigns, and improve ROI.

How does ReferOn help companies personalize and share data with their partners?

ReferOn facilitates personalized data sharing with partners through its dynamic variables feature. This feature enables companies to pass additional metrics in the ad server, unique values created on the affiliate side. Companies can personalize campaigns, track performance, and optimize targeting by including these metrics.

“ReferOn facilitates personalized data sharing with partners through its dynamic variables feature.”

Additionally, ReferOn offers an API that allows seamless integration and data sharing with external systems. This enables companies to customize data sharing based on their specific requirements.

Whether it’s sharing performance data, transaction details, or other relevant metrics, ReferOn’s API ensures efficient and secure data exchange with partners.

By personalizing and sharing data with partners, ReferOn empowers businesses to strengthen their relationships, align marketing strategies, and drive mutual growth.

What has been the market’s feedback to ReferOn since its launch?

Since its launch, ReferOn has received positive feedback from the market. Users have appreciated its intuitive interface, robust reporting capabilities, and simplified processes. The dynamic reporting feature has particularly garnered praise for its flexibility and ease of use. Users have found it valuable to generate customized reports that meet their needs and enable data-driven decision-making.

Businesses with multiple affiliate logins within competitive software have well-received the company grouping functionality. It has simplified data management and payment processes, streamlining operations and improving overall efficiency.

The market’s feedback indicates that ReferOn has successfully addressed pain points in affiliate management, delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution.

What were the obstacles with other affiliate platforms that were solved as part of the ReferOn platform?

Existing platforms struggle with many things, starting with management of mixed brands and entities, vendors, and campaigns, to tracking all statistics, rewarding, and reporting. We analyzed all of these typical issues and made sure that ReferOn effectively solves each of them:

  • We provide a unified platform where multiple brands and entities can be managed seamlessly, ensuring data integrity and streamlining operations;
  • Our robust API capabilities and advanced reporting functionalities allow our partners to generate dynamic reports with a variety of breakdowns, such as by company, brand, and geography;
  • The Company Grouping feature gives our partners the opportunity to easily create and manage multiple affiliate sub-accounts under one master access, which allows for streamlined data access and reporting;
  • The easy deals assignment process eliminates unnecessary steps and saves time with multiple bulk operations, making the rewarding process more efficient and user-friendly, and so on.

To stay relevant and avoid being left behind with outdated ideas and approaches to data, ReferOn is committed to providing a modern and forward-thinking solution. The platform aims to overcome the limitations and complexities often encountered in existing systems, ultimately improving productivity and enhancing user satisfaction.

What are the future plans or upcoming developments for ReferOn in the coming months?

ReferOn has a roadmap of upcoming developments to further enhance its features and capabilities. In the coming months, we plan to introduce quite a lot of new features and improvements, including but not limited to new reward-related capabilities, Independent Deal Calculation (IDC), banners functionality, audit log on the back-end side, invoicing and approval stage from the affiliate side, and many more.

Ongoing enhancements in the technology stack will include separate timers by partners, a refactoring overview, frontend architecture improvement, and filters for each module. These improvements will optimize performance, enhance user experience, and provide a more stable platform.

Notably, we plan to migrate the system to the AWS cloud platform. This migration will enhance scalability, reliability, and security, providing a robust foundation for future growth.

These plans and developments reflect ReferOn’s commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and meeting the evolving needs of the affiliate management market.

August 18, 2023

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