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Our Tech Lead spoke to Zoltan Tundik
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Our Tech Lead David Harris spoke to Zoltan Tundik on the Hipther Talks podcast to discuss the latest developments at ReferOn and the trends driving the affiliate sector currently.

After introducing ReferOn to Zoltan, David said that while the important themes for affiliates have remained, such as trust between business partners, data transparency, how to address any problems or under-performing areas, modern tech stacks have enabled the industry to move forward much faster in recent years.

“It’s almost a cliché, but transparency is always going to build that relationship no matter what business model you're in”, David said. He added that once there was transparency and trust, these features had to be replicated through all the functionalities of the business such as tracking, rewards or keeping up-to-date with payments.

And ReferOn combines these with new features such as “dynamic variables and the ability to add enhanced parameters such as a Google tag in our tracking with ease. It is also encouraged to use postbacks or pixels to further enhance tracking visibility. So those are just three things that enhance the ability of our tracking and addtransparency”.

David discussed many more topics in detail during the Hipther Talks podcast, we highly recommend listening to it for the latest on ReferOn, one of the most modern affiliate management platform in the business!

October 26, 2023

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